Meet The Killer Team!

***Please bear with us as we finalise The Killer Team's profiles and videos.***

We have carefully hand-picked our Killer Team in order to provide you with the perfect experience at The Killer Restaurant!

The Killer Team consists of some of the friendliest, enthusiastic and hard working people we have had the pleasure of working with over the years.

Our aim is to display certain aspects of each of our staff's lives including their background, interests and position at The Killer Restaurant.

We want to give you - the customer a unique experience and also give you the feeling that you already know who's cooking and serving your food before you even arrive!

We would love your feedback and comments regarding The Killer Team so we can choose and reward our Employee Of The Month!

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The Killer Curry House. The Craziest, The Healthiest, The Hottest - We have it all!


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Introducing The Killer Sauce Collection - The perfect way to create your own Killer dish!


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