Located on the main street entrance of our premises - The Buffet provides breakfast, lunch and dinner with easy and fast service for those who just want a quick bite to eat at an affordable price. You can relax and watch the kitchen team live constantly producing a high standard of fresh and great tasting food that will be regularly restocked throughout the day!

The buffet menu will vary - with different traditional Bangladeshi favourites added daily. For breakfast (coming soon) you can expect a wide selection of traditional breakfast dishes as well as a small selection of popular American cereals accompanied by our new Killer Cereal!


Our Menu

The Killer Curry House. The Craziest, The Healthiest, The Hottest - We have it all!


Our Contests

Think you've got what it takes to wear the crown? Stay updated with our Curry Contest!


Our Sauces

Introducing The Killer Sauce Collection - The perfect way to create your own Killer dish!


Watch Live

Our CCTV streams LIVE so you can always see what's going on in the kitchen!